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Catedral de Notre Dame, Paris, detalhe da fachada


visual arts and christian faith

 visual arts and christian faith

We have the gift of creativity because the Creator of the universe made us into His image. The arts, which seek to express realities that reason cannot grasp, can enrich our comprehension of God and of his love for us (…)

Artist’s biography: Raphael in Urbino

Art and Bible: The Sacrifice of Isaac

journeys through church history

Catholic, evangelical, pentecostal or charismatic, we are part of the same body, whose head is Christ. We have much to learn from one another and from the preceding generations of Christians, who entrusted us with the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus(…)

Videos: Savonarola, Waldensians, John Huss


Rosana Basile, instalação sem título, papier mâché, 2002


virtual library (portuguese)

Our suggestions of books include inspiring stories, highly regarded works, devotionals, medieval poetry and much more…

virtual library

blog – art, theology, etc

Theology, movies, Chistianity, art, Bible, politics, environment, religion, economics, ethics, fashion, literature… We try to think critically and holistically about relevant issues for those who want to understand – and live – the faith of the Gospel in the 21st century postmodern culture.

The Crime of Illegal Immigrants

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